Financial support for former employees of BHS

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Meet the Team

We’re a friendly team of former BHS employees, with the same passion – to help BHS colleagues!

Meet the Team

Our Trustees

Helene Hamer - Chair

Helene Hamer

Sue Topping - Deputy Chair

Sue Topping
Deputy Chair

David Crudge - Board

David Crudge

Charles Gibson - Trustee

Charles Gibson

Beverley Edgar

Beverley Edgar

Robert Eller - Trustee

Robert Eller

Rosemary Tocock MBE - Trustee

John Holmes

Amanda Taylor - Case Worker

Amanda Taylor

Kieth Smalls - Board

Keith Smalls

Our Operational Team

Angela Curchin - Fund Secretary

Angela Curchin
Fund Manager

Janet Day - Case Worker

Janet Day
Fund Manager- Designate

Louise Hawcroft

Louise Hawcroft
Grant Manager

Louise Hawcroft

Kirsty Williams
Marketing & Communications Assistant

Debra Sawyer - Case Worker

Debra Sawyer
Fund Administrator

Our Volunteer Case Workers

Gillian Kirk-Turner - Case Worker


Ann Kelly - Case Worker

Ann Kelly

Denise Banner - Fund Administrator

Denise Banner

Faith Eller - Case Worker

Faith Eller

Fiona Bulley - Case Worker

Fiona Bulley

Jacquline Anderson - Case Worker

Jakki Anderson

Ken Ellis - Case Worker

Ken Ellis

Patricia Jones - Case Worker

Patricia Jones

Mary Regan - Case Worker

Mary Regan

Susan Allick - Case Worker

Julie Marshall

Wendy Hagan - Case Worker

Judith Beacom

Stephanie Craddock - Case Worker

Liz O’Connor

Susan Allick - Case Worker

Susan Allick

Wendy Hagan - Case Worker

Wendy Hagan

Victoria Gledhill - Case Worker

Vikki Gledhill

Remember we are here to help – so do get in touch!