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Annual Holiday

If you’re facing difficult times and would benefit from a holiday, please check your eligibility & get in touch

Our Annual Holiday

Each year, the BHS Trust Fund provides a holiday abroad for a group of former BHS employees. The holiday is about giving individuals a break away from the daily stresses they face and providing an opportunity to enjoy themselves and meet new people, all of whom have worked for BHS at some time in the past.

The holiday can help build personal confidence and restore well being. Over the years, the Trust Fund has arranged holidays for well over 1,000 former employees!

Every individual who takes part in the holiday has a very different and personal reason for needing this time away.

Some of these reasons may include:

  • Bereavement
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Short term health problems or recovery from surgery/illness
  • Respite from the demands of being a carer
  • Reduction or loss of income impacting on health and wellbeing
  • Time to re-energise following traumatic events

The above list is not exhaustive, so if you’re unsure about whether your personal circumstances would make you eligible for consideration, pease call Angela on 07495 723550 or Denise on 07908 994146 to discuss your needs.

Please note:

If our Annual Holiday is not suitable for you and your needs, the Fund also offers short term breaks in the UK, targeted to meet your individual needs. Please visit the Short Family Breaks in the UK section to learn more.

Visit our Personal Stories page to read feedback from individuals who attended last years holiday.

Remember we are here to help – so do get in touch!