Financial support for former employees of BHS

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Life after BHS… we are still here and helping

Following the sad news of the closure of BHS stores in 2016, affecting many employees and pensioners, we hope that your life is moving forward in a positive way.

But some of you may still be looking for work and/or struggling with financial difficulties for a whole host of reasons. This may be you or a former BHS colleague or pensioner.

Hopefully you know that the BHS Trust Fund is still here and able to help you?  We have always been completely independent of BHS and so, despite its closure, we continue to help former BHS employees and pensioners who are facing financial hardship. Our How we can help page details the types of assistance that we offer.

So if you would like help or advice due to financial worries, or know of a former colleague who needs support, do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can call us on 07495 723550, email us on, or send us a contact form.

“ We are here to help”

BHS Trust Fund - BHS Storefront prior to 2016 closure