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Nov 2021 | BHS Trust Fund

If you are a former BHS employee and are worried about how to afford Christmas, the BHS Trust Fund is here to help. You can apply for a Christmas Grant up until 1st December, so don’t hesitate to contact us Contact Us.

Email on or call Angela on 07495 723550 or Denise on 07908 994146 before 1st December 2020.

Please also see this year’s annual letter below from our Chairperson Helene Harmer.

BHS Trust Fund - Christmas Grant 2021

 Hello Everyone,

Firstly, and most importantly, I do hope that you and your family and friends are well. For all of us who worked for BHS, Autumn was always a time of excitement, when our thoughts turned to transforming our Stores into a festive place to shop, with the introduction of our Christmas Shops and other Christmas merchandise!

This year, it will be our second Christmas impacted by the pandemic. However, in the last few months, most of us have seen a return to more usual times, thank goodness. Whilst our summer weather has not been perfect, hasn’t it been great to see so many fantastic GB team
performances at the Euros 2020, the Olympics and the Paralympics, to name but a few? These achievements give us the confidence to know that with support and working together,  we can bounce back and move forward.

Here at the BHS Trust Fund, we have maintained a cautious approach to working with our team and former employees, respecting fully how each individual feels. With Zoom video calls and other technological support, we have been able to continue to work as normally as possible.
I am proud to say that we have supported 160 individuals and families over the last twelve months in so many different ways.

We appreciate that some of you may have been adversely impacted by the pandemic through health difficulties or job and other financial worries, so please do get in touch if this applies to you and you would like our help this Christmas. Likewise, if you know of a former BHS colleague
in need. All our contact details are at the bottom of this letter.

Sadly, we have not been able to arrange our Annual Holiday for the last 2 years. You are all aware of the serious effect that Covid and the lockdowns have had on the holiday sector, so ‘staycations‘ and local short breaks have become more popular. The Trustees have decided
that this is an excellent time to talk to our beneficiaries and our teams about the way forward. We are committed to developing our holiday and short breaks programme for the future, so watch this space!!

Finally, it just needs me to say thank you for reading this letter and I do hope you like this year’s Christmas card. From all of the Team, our Trustees, Case Workers and myself, we wish you the best for Christmas with your family and friends. Let us all look forward to a positive, healthier and happier 2022.

Very best regards,  

Helene Hamer – Chairperson of the BHS Trust Fund


There are a number of ways that you can contact us:

Telephone: Angela on 07495 723550 or Denise on 07908 994146
Address: BHS Trust Fund, PO Box7762, Kettering, NN16 6NP