Debt Awareness Week

Mar 2022 | BHS Trust Fund

BHS Trust Fund - Debt Awareness Week

Debt Awareness Week 2022: Join the debt conversation

Debt Awareness Week is the annual Step Change Debt Charity campaign that aims to put problem debt and free advice on the agenda.

Debt Awareness Week 2022 is all about starting the conversation. We know debt is something people often struggle to talk about, but by joining the campaign and encouraging people to open up, help and support can be found for them. With many concerned about the rising cost of living, and feeling the financial strain as a result of the pandemic, it’s never been more important to let people know that free debt help is available.

The BHS Trust Fund is supporting @StepChange’s #DebtAwarenessWeek campaign to encourage more people to open up and start the conversation about debt and the free help that’s available. Find out more from Step Change here.

If you are a former BHS employee with debt or financial problems, we may also be able to help! Contact Us to find out more.