Introducing to the Trust Fund…

Aug 2017 | BHS Trust Fund

New Trustees

In addition, we’re delighted to welcome 4 new Trustees to the BHS Trust Fund, Helene Hamer, Rose Tocock, David Crudge and Peter McKeown. They have all worked for BHS for a number of years, in various Stores and Head Office roles. As well as their Trustee roles, they all carry out much valued volunteer case worker responsibilities for the Fund.

Helene Hamer - Trustee

Helene Hamer

Rosemary Tocock MBE - Trustee

Rosemary Tocock MBE

David Crudge - Trustee

David Crudge

Peter McKeown - Trustee

Peter McKeown

A special mention is much deserved for Helene, who has been in the role of Fund Secretary for 14 years, and after serving the Fund with immense professionalism, commitment and energy, she has decided to retire from the role and become a Fund Trustee, where she can put all her fantastic experience to excellent use! A huge thank you to Helene for all she’s achieved for the Fund.

Continuing Trustees
The four new members join our three existing trustees. They are Jeanette Bradley our Chairperson and Sue Topping and Rob Smith. Both already bring a wide range of experience to the BHS Trust Fund which combined with the new additions will provide a strong trustee support base for the BHS Truest Fund and those that use it in the future.

Jeanette Bradley -Chairperson

Jeanette Bradley

Sue Topping - Trustee

Sue Topping

New Fund Secretary and Administrator
We are delighted to have our new team of 2 on board to make sure the Fund effectively responds to all requests for support and that accounts and records are kept up to date. Angela Curchin has joined as Fund Secretary and Denise Banner is our new Fund Administrator. Both Angela and Denise have many years’ service with BHS, between them – 88 years, and are enjoying their key roles in helping former BHS employees where possible.
Angela Curchin - Fund Secretary

Angela Curchin
Fund Secretary

Denise Banner - Fund Administrator

Denise Banner
Fund Administrator