Have you ever been a BHS employee or know someone that was?

Feb 2020 | BHS Trust Fund

If you were employed by BHS for 12 months or more, then you could be eligible for support from the BHS Trust Fund. We’d be happy to hear from you whether you’re currently in work, in between jobs, on leave or retired. 

The BHS Trust Fund was setup as a registered charity to support the concerns and welfare of its employees and this work continues today following the closure of BHS stores. Find out more about the BHS Trust Fund here…


The Trust Fund is always looking to reach out to former BHS employees who might need support in some way.  Or if you don’t need help right now, please remember you can contact us in the future. And should you be in touch with a former BHS colleague who you know to be struggling, please encourage them to contact us.


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And please take a look at our How we can help page for more information.


If you need help or someone you know does, then don’t hesitate to contact us.